Commercial Re-Roof
Great Barrier Roof Cairns offers free appraisals of commercial roofs in preparation for the forthcoming seasons
Following excellent feedback from recent roof maintenance contracts we are ensuring business owners meet insurance requirements and maintain their property value

Our business is about protecting your business and the assets within your enterprise. We only use quality products, our confidence in our products is reflected in our ten-year transferrable warranty on products used. We don’t just paint your roof; we apply a commercial grade membrane that acts as a sealant and waterproofing agent.

Depending on the type of roof we apply a metal and galvanized primer or a primer bond.

Commercial Inspections:

If you believe that the roof for your commercial building has sustained significant rust, wind, hail, storm, fire damage, or a major leak, then Great Barrier Roof is here to help. Before you commit to a comprehensive re-roofing project, you should schedule an inspection with our specialist to assess your roof’s damage.

A roofing inspection will reveal whether your commercial building would benefit from a re-roof. But you don’t have to make this decision by yourself. Call Great Barrier Roof Cairns and let us perform an expert roof inspection for you.

Commercial gutter installation roof safety:

Perhaps the most overlooked but important aspect of a roof is the gutter and downpipes. With a proper drainage system for your commercial building, you can channel water to ideal locations on your property, protect the exterior of your building from looking old, guard against unnecessary damage to the foundation of your building, and keep your landscaping from looking dirty. The size of the gutter system, location of downpipes, size of outlets and distribution of the water is extremely important.


Working with the best brands in the business
When quality and longevity are important it is best to start with materials from leading suppliers such as:
Great Barrier Roof Cairns offers free appraisals of commercial roofs in preparation for the forthcoming seasons
Our re-roofing services incorporates a thorough inspection, cleaning and priming process
Check out some of the great roofing products we have available at Great Barrier Roof
Great Barrier Roof Cairns has carefully selected which products we work with to ensure optimum results

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