Residential Re-Roof
Our roof restoration incorporates a thorough inspection, cleaning, repair and priming process
This reparation, coupled with the expertise of the applicator and quality of our materials that ensures the product will stand the test of time

We restore decramastic, tiled, asbestos and metal roofs with ease and expertise. Great Barrier Roof Cairns carry out a thorough inspection of the whole roof, followed by a full report of the condition of your roof along with photos and our expert recommendations.

Initial repairs might be carried out to avoid leakage during cleaning; removal of old unwanted components from the roof, and sealing or replacing flashings left over from the penetrations, for a tiled roof this may also include replacing damaged tiles and valley iron; for a metal roof, this may include replacing sheeting or a re-screw, sealing ridge capping and flashings or even the replacement of gutters and down pipes or replacing and painting fascia’s.

When cleaning we use a heavy-duty detergent and a pressure cleaner for best results. The CRC system includes temporary piping to divert gutter run-off and protection to our environment.

Final repairs for a tiled roof this will include re-bedding and repointing of the ridge capping. It may also include applying mold inhibitor to stop growth of moss and lichen; for a metal roof, this will include a full treatment of all rust surfaces. Our primer ensures strong adhesion of the topcoat. Both the primer and the topcoats are sprayed on to a specified thickness to ensure even and maximum durability.

Two topcoats of commercial grade membrane in your choice of colour. There are 45 colours available in our innovative Tint Pacs. We highly recommend the Supa Cool Insulation Paint here in Queensland with today’s weather conditions.

The result? Your roof restored to its former glory, the value of your property enhanced and protected from the elements. And the performance? Acryloc’s manufacturer warranty covers the full coating system for 10 years and we guarantee our workmanship for five years, that’s how much confidence we have in both our products and Workmanship.


Working with the best brands in the business
When quality and longevity are important it is best to start with materials from leading suppliers such as:
Great Barrier Roof Cairns offers free appraisals of commercial roofs in preparation for the forthcoming seasons
Our re-roofing services incorporates a thorough inspection, cleaning and priming process
Check out some of the great roofing products we have available at Great Barrier Roof
Great Barrier Roof Cairns has carefully selected which products we work with to ensure optimum results

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